5562 North St
Halifax, NS B3K
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I lived on the first floor apartment of this building in 2006/2007. There were bedbugs in our apartment. The landlord never told us but we saw a pest control guy going to the upstairs apartment. We thought we had fleas until that point and spent 100$+ on flea shampoo for our cat and household spray. The people upstairs had called a private exterminator because the landlord had been using some joe-schmo repair guy and "organic" bug killer to try and get rid of them but it wasn't working. The land

lord was too cheap to do it right so the people upstairs decided to take it upon themselves to get someone else. Noone told us anything about it until we saw the exterminator outside and explained to him we thought we had fleas. He left some traps and sure enough we had bedbugs. Anyways we called the landlord and she claimed she was going to call us that day and tell us about the bedbugs (an obvious lie). After that she sent her personal handyman over who didn't know squat and we suffered with different severities of bedbugs (waking up with 10 - 20 bites at worst and at best 1 or 2) the whole period we lived there.

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