5539 Duffus St
Halifax, NS B3K

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Lived there for 8 months in 2007-2008 ... around the middle of our stay we encountered bed bugs. It was really bad I had new bites every week!! I used to wake up in my sleep getting bitten. For a long time we weren't sure what it was we had a dog and thought she might of had fleas and because she slept in my bed often it made since that I was getting bitten. We tried to get rid of them but it never worked we had to throw out a bunch of our furniture and get everything cleaned, we told the landlo

rd but I'm unsure of what he did because we left. They traveled with us when we moved, we thought we had gotten rid of them for awhile but then they showed back up so we threw out everything and used lots of raid, one of my roommates who was living in another location actually called in Orkin to exterminate her place. I've never encountered them since throwing everything out!!

We don't know if they came from other people who were living in the other apartment in the house or if they were there all along and just dormant for awhile, or if they were picked up in a cab or something and traveled in but they showed up and seemed to be located mostly in the larger bedroom. We had a roommate in the smaller bedroom who never got bitten while we lived there.

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Lived here 3 months, got about 40 bites overall.

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