3533 Strawberry Hill St
Halifax, NS B3K

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This has been going on since roughly June/July 2015. Several tenants at first thought they were getting bitten up by fleas in the hallways...then there was little spots of dried blood and brown specks around the opening of the washers in the laundry room. In august we saw a bed bugs in the hallway crawling up the wall, on the carpet in the hall, one in the lobby and also in the laundry room. The landlord was informed and did nothing. A short time later we woke up to bites on our legs and arms, a

s well we had some company over that also got bitten. We then started to see a few adult bugs and one baby. Again, the landlord said he would get someone in and did nothing. Tenants throughout the entire four floors of the building have now seen or have bed bugs. The landlord is doing nothing! We bought our own sprays. This is beyond stressful!

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I started getting bit in early June (my fiancé never got bit). I wasn't sure what it was at first so I didn't do anything for about a week. Once I found out it was Bedbugs I started looking around carefully for them until I found one in the box spring. I promptly killed it, then called the Landlord. He came by to spray the apartment the next day. He said that he would spray as often as we wanted and so far has been true to his word.

We then bought matress covers, and put double sided tape o

n all the legs of the bed and headboard to prevent any more from getting to us. We haven't been bit since then, but we have seen and killed two more as they were crawling across the floor. When we found the first one a few weeks after the spraying The landlord came by to spray again, and we will be calling him today to report the most recent Bedbug spotted this morning.

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Wife has been bitten countless times in the last 3.5 months. Have heard from former residents of neighboring apartment building that that building (under same management) is infested also.

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