2530 Gottingen St
Halifax, NS B3K

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July 2011 I looked at a apartment on the 3rd floor,it was livable for time being.I just return to halifax after 6 years and heard romours of bed bugs,sooo when I went to veiw I ask about the bed bugs.I was lied to and told by the supers glenna and less tere was no longer a problem they had the whole building inspected with the bed bug dog and there no longer bed bugs.Needless to say my whole apartment and everything in it bed bugs..GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

it should be elegal or something someone should be held responsable the owner dont care at all he wont even enter his own building for fear of taking them home to his family,but its ok for the people that pay his bills.(SOMEONE HELP BEING EATEN ALIVE.)
P.S.please everyone remember if something is in the garbage its problably for as reason stop the spead of bed bugs

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Stayed at a friends place here a few weeks back - place was crawling with bedbugs, carpets, furniture, kitchen....

I had thought I was being smart, taking EVERYTHING of value out of my car while I stayed there because chances are the car would get broken into if I didn't - Low and Behold, everything got infested with Bedbugs... hundreds. I had to wash EVERYTHING - took the better part of a day, and I am still paranoid that I brought them home with me. Luckily it was during a cold snap so

I could leave everything outside on my deck in -5 to -10 degrees for a few days before bringing it into my own place to wash. Is there anywhere in Halifax that ISNT infested?

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