2406 Gottingen St
Halifax, NS B3K

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The company that housing gave the contract to is milking it . Yes housing I was told spends over 1 million dollars a year on bed bugs & cockaroachs and as a person who has lived here for 16 months got posed off at the stupidity of bill who has this contract . For he tortures us by only placing small amount of spray or a weak bait . I CALL HEAD OF HOUSING FOR BUGS SPRAYING AND HE TOOK CARE OF MY COMPLAIN . YES BILL ARRIVED A FEW DAYS LATER AND HE DID THE JOB RIGHT . After 15 months of being drive

n crazy from living here I am free so far from bed bugs & cockaroachs. If you live in housing and have a problem with bed bugs or cockaroachs and the person who is spraying is playing games call the people who would send them and tell them you want to speak to who is in charge of spray company. They will contact the person who was given the contract and as it was done for me it will be done

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Pest control has a contract. I lived here and had them come in twice, they claimed to have completed my unit within 10 minutes - have had the contract for years and it is not in their best interest to fix the problem. A can of bed bug spray killed more bugs than the pest control company did. Public areas (hallways, laundry room)are never treated.

I am afraid that I may have taken bedbugs home drom this building!i have bites that are leaving scars. I have pest control coming to do their second spray this week!I feel like throwing everything away!

My mother lives there,she doesn't not want to live with bedbugs as her family will not go there as we are not comfortable.I feel so sorry for her.For somE reason her neighbors don't have them ( so they claim)
She has scabs from the bites and scars. she is not financially able to move.I would just like to get her some help.There are no specific details but the bedbugs come and go as housing has Orkin come periodically to spray.

At least 50% of units have bedbugs. Pest Control has been in to do a building wide spray as well as weekly sprays to units that have reported them. Some tenants are refusing to allow pest control to treat their units and many tenants still bring in street-disposed furniture into the apartments.

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