1881 Brunswick St
Halifax, NS B3J

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I got bit few days ago. Today when I woke up, I found that I got bit on my arms and feet. I did not know what the bedbug look like, until now. I am pretty sure that I saw the bed
Our office is closed now. I dont know who can I contact with. I hope I can get you feedback ASAP.

This building has a disgusting infestation. My girlfriend and I moved out a couple months ago because the management took weeks to book a spray, and would mess up the scheduling so we couldn’t get our unit ready in time. They were in our bedroom and the living room. A bunch of other people I’d meet in the elevator and hallways would ask if we were infested like they were, when I’d be taking our bedding and huge laundry loads to the washer for the dozenth time. I used to see full-grown bed

bugs on the walls in the hallways.

We got rid of most of our stuff when we moved out, but we're still paranoid – it was a nightmare. They don’t take the bed bug problem seriously here, so it’s only going to get worse.

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Considering the amount of construction in and around the building, I'm not surprised that there a couple of mice.
The old hotel across the street was a hotbed for them.
Of course, when I had a mouse, the immediately called in exterminators and did a follow up a few weeks later. I didn't have any problem at all asking them to deal with it.
I've never had bedbugs here, so I'm not sure where that's coming from.

This is fake, I've lived here for 5 years and there are no bed bugs. There are mice however, and the staff aren't too interested in doing anything about it.

...and FYI? There hasn't been a "Char" working at the property in three years.

This is obviously a fake report. I live here, and have never had an issue at all with any pests.
Perhaps instead of trying to slander someone you should spend your time brushing up on your basic grammar skills.

been working here now for a few years, my boss dont want this to get out, but i have had enuff, her name is angela, she brought bed bugs back from sydny ns. 2 weeks ago. july 4th 2011. the whole apartment here is crawling with them, my legs and feet are eaten off of me almost. also jim has them in their penthouse, but angela refuses to do anything about them.

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