1271 Church St
Halifax, NS B3J

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I lived here in 2012 & 2013.
We were in 907 for a couple of months before I started getting bites.
I searched my apartment, even had a bug guy turn the place upside down, we couldn't find anything (I eventually found one). The owners tried to tell me "it must be fleas from your pet"... As a seasoned veterinary technician, I can promise that I know flea bites, and that's not what I had! Not to mention that my 2 small pets receive prophylactic flea treatments monthly, AND they weren't even a l

ittle itchy.
My partner was not reacting to bites, however, I am allergic and was in absolute agony! They refused to treat until they saw " proof"... And apparently my bites weren't proof enough. We eventually got the place treated (2 or 3 times). Then I caulked the spaces beneath the baseboards, and placed plenty of bedbug powder under our bed and in other small spaces. Luckily they stopped coming in after that.
My mattress was always in pristine condition, the bugs didn't set up camp in/on our furniture, but were in the walls!
They get from apartment to apartment by finding a way through walls, which is easy as they are very small and flat.
Not sure what it's like there now, but at the time I heard that at least 4 floors had complaints, with 3 or 4 units on the 9th floor, and most of the 8th floor being infested.

Treating units is useless if the critters are in walls and vents. They NEED to treat the ENTIRE building.

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Bedbugs are rampid as well as mice the bedbugs are in the ventilation system and traveling through electrical outlets beware

On thanksgiving of 2013 was my first bite.
I did not know what bed bugs were at that point and I though it mightve been a mosquito that was stuck in my jacket that made a bee line up my back.
It was not until i kept getting bitten that I realized it was a serious issue. I found out what was causing my bites the hard way. I found and killed bed bugs in my covers and showed the supers .
However no matter what they did the bed bugs would just come back. I asked the neighbours in my hallway and

they did not have the same issue.It was the neighbours above me that are infested. They are the dirtiest people i've met. Around 6 or 7 live in a 1 bedroom apartment and it smells like they never shower or clean.

I finally got rid of the bed bugs myself, through using silica powder around my furniture. I had not seen bed bugs since early 2014...
Until now, when they started to come through the ventilation system from the dirty people living above.

The management is horrible. There are renovations going on and they are waiting for all the old tenants to move out in order to hike up the prices. I'm pretty sure a lot of what they are doing is illegal but I don't have the time or money to spend on legal fees.

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