1234 Barrington St
Halifax, NS B3J

Found 3 reports:

All units will be professionaly sprayed for bed bugs before occupancy as per lease agreement.

As for report dated Dec 24, 2008 unit 104 doesnt exist in this building.

Bedbugs were brought into this building/have spread throughout the building. The landlord is taking immediate action in my case, but I am curious if others are having problems in this neighbourhood, as I see reports from lots of buildings around here.
First experience with bedbugs, and I am not excited. I have spent my whole life being careful on home cleanliness, and that is not enough :(

Beg bugs everywhere!
1234 Barrington St, Halifax, NS, apartment # 104.
Landlord admitted afterwards to having had to fumigate the previous year, which was obviously ineffective...

No nearby bug reports