1230 Barrington St
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If you need to 'serve papers to anyone' don't accept the fact that they won't accept them. Simply touch them with the 'notice of service' and then they are considered served. If they do not take the papers then touch them with the notice and let it drop to the floor and then leave. This is considered 'served'.

Also, if you go through the Rental Tenancy Branch all this information is considered 'CONFIDENTIAL' and nobody can find out if there were problems before, however, if you take them t

o Small Claims Court it's totally public information. With Small Claims Court at least you can add costs for pain and suffering. It is a terrible experience to go through. The night mares and being on guard every time you feel a need to scratch.

Best of Luck, hope you get your money back. You need to make sure you clean everything with heat or steam. Even one bed bug female lays 3 eggs everyday and the eggs are really hard to kill.

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My roommate and I moved into 1230 Barrington apt 11 recently and was only able to stay for 2 months because my roommate got bed bug bites on his arm and we say bed bugs...Along with that we had seen mice many times and found mouse droppings by the heaters in the apartment after we kept the apartment clean no food on the counters or anything...i suggest that no one move into this place ever

My roommate and I moved into this nice little apartment at 1230 Barrington (#11). A day later, she had noticed something on her hand that was really itchy, but we didn't think any of it. Then the next day, she had bites all over her. We called the landlord and told him about it and that we couldn't stay there. The next day we met with him. The guy is a real talker, and told us he could only give us half our money and get us out of the lease, and said he had to go to all this trouble to talk the

other guys from his "company:" into it. He said the company is Metro. Thats all he gave us, we can't find anything about it, and it is only his name on the lease. He didn't seem to care that we were getting bitten. He didn't go inside the apartment even ask to see anything, or ask to see the bites. We showed him a bug we caught and he said it looked like a flea. He claims he knows nothing about it, even though we found the guy that lived there before us, who says that is why he moved out, and that he told the landlord. We said we wanted to think about it. Because he has our damage deposit, september rent, and half of october, and we are students, and that's a lot of money! after that he stopped returning our calls. CBC came in and filmed us and our apartment. And we moved to a new place. But it's a nightmare!! cleaning everything, bagging it, and cleaning again. The landlord tried to shift blame to the super, and to another guy living there having the same problem. There was also a mattress that was apparently infested, sitting outside in the hall for about a year. He claims he got Braemar (spl?) to spray, but we never saw anything moved. He also was supposed to have sprayed another guys place down the hall, but he found a bug in there the next day.
We have filed to the tenancy board, and are trying to serve him the papers telling him about the hearing, but he is conveniently out of town. The tenancy board said we could give them to the super, but he won't take them. Hopefully something works out.

Never rent from there!!

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January 2008 - ??, Apt 1.

Shortly before Christmas, on 1 or 2 occasions I saw tiny pinhead sized bugs on my bedside table and didn't think anything of it. Then early in the new year, my girlfriend came to visit, and woke up with her back/arms covered in red itchy bites.

I did some research and sure enough, all the signs were there. Black stains in cracks and corners of furniture, small blood splotches on sheets, and later skin casings and live specimens. The worst part is that I don't

show the bites, so to this day, I'm still uncertain if I've taken the bugs with me, and it makes me sick to think about it. Hundreds of dollars in laundry costs, furniture and luggage in the garbage, everything else wrapped in plastic, and months of sleepless nights. Not exactly how I imagined my last semester at school.

Landlord has a contract with Braemar and sprayed immediately, including several follow-ups, but he was maybe a little too eager. I found out later that another apartment had been spraying for months, and after I left I learnt that someone had picked an infested mattress off of the street, carried it up the stairs to the top floor, and introduced the bedbugs to possibly the entire building (definitely myself).

I can't say that the landlord was negligent, but definitely poorly educated in bedbug treatment and prevention. He claimed to have asked my neighbors if they'd noticed anything, but didn't spray the surrounding apartments (old building, cracks galore!) and as anyone who's had bedbugs will tell you, until you know what to look for, you likely won't notice anything unless you react to the bites. Furthermore, he didn't seem to understand why I wasn't willing to sublet my lease to another unsuspecting renter while the problem remained.

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