5720 South St
Halifax, NS B3H

Found 2 reports:

Management attempted to get rid of bedbugs, but did not spray the entire building at the same time, or get rid of disgusting old communal furniture. Begbugs reinfested the entire building within 2.5 weeks. Will require entire building to be evacuated for a comprehensive extermination to take place. Management is not up to this task, but will likely report that bugs have been dealt with anyhow... Nosy and difficult management. Well known to enter when unwelcome, search around, opening doors of th

e rooms if they think you aren't home...

see full report...

There is a very bad bedbug infestation here in this building. It is a slum and in very poor condition with many code violations including bad wiring that could start a fire. The management is very bad and does not do maintenance, it's owned by Darcy MacDonald Associates.

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