5599 Fenwick St
Halifax, NS B3H

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2209 has bed bugs which were found after the apartment had a routine spraying and they all started coming out. We wernt notified by pest control, they just let us figure it out ourselves. Had to come home after an overnight shift and sleep on the bathroom floor- good times.

Halifax Regional Municipality, NS B3H 1P8

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Ace Pest on 05/28/2015

I am with Ace Pest Control of Halifax. We have just completed a top to bottom inspection /treatment of all units at Fenwick. The management of the property requested this service to determine the level of activity through the building and treat affected units as thoroughly as possible. We were pleasantly surprised to find activity in only a handful of units. One of the challenges in dealing with pest i

ssues in multi unit properties is that management relies on it's tenants to communicate any pro

blems they encounter. This more often than not is not the case. Usually issues are discovered when a pest free tenant starts to experience problems, contacts building maintenance and then the investigation begins to reveal the source of the problem. 
A property can be pest free today and then someone unknowingly picks up some used furniture or has an existing pest problem and moves in and opts not to tell building management for some reason. 
We will continue to monitor any reports that may arise and treat as soon as we are made aware of a situation. 

Thank you, Brian Betts, Ace Pest Control Ltd 

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Heard about the issues and was always concerned what if my apartment gets one. Thankfully the landlord got the entire building treated for pests. Never had any for couple years now and hope it stays that way!

fuck that, i live in 2201, bedbugs found yesterday


Just about to turn my reading lamp off and go to bed when I noticed a bedbug crawling on my sheets. Spent the entire night throwing out my infested mattress and boxspring and then trying to cleanse my room. No idea how I got them and hoping they havn't migrated to other rooms in my apartment. YUCK

Just found bedbugs in my apt. Awesome thing to wake up to.

I was inquiring about an apartment here , before I heard about this site I always asked places If there is any bedbug issues, I asked this women who is the building manager and she said these buildings are well kept up and very clean no pests what so ever, clearly, she lied.

I lived in Fenwick on the 26th floor from August 2009 to August 2012. We never had a problem with bed bugs, thank God. We did get the occasional cockroach, though, and I heard reports of pests (bed bugs, mice, etc.) in the building from other residents.

August 2012.
Lived there for a year on the 11th floor. Haven't seen any pests be it bed bugs, cockroaches, mice, pidgeons, or rats. It's a very large building so I imagine that they may have encounters with some pests due to high turnover rate but I've never encountered any problems, and neither have friends on other floors. Management may take a while to respond to issues because they're very busy in such a large building, but they've always been friendly toward me and my roommates and they've

been quick to respond when I have had issues despite managing 30 floors.

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February 2012. Infested mattress left in garbage room for a week. At the end of the week, found bed bugs in our apartment.

I lived in 1007 for a year. The unit has bedbugs.

Dec 2010
Around the 14 th 15 th, of December

my daughter found bites,
they now havediscovered bed bugs in the apartment
they have lived there for over a year, .. and they were fine until now !!!

its gross - to find yourself bit by these things
She doesnt know what to do
where & what advice can she get please

Infested everywhere with bedbugs,seen them everywhere.Management will get somebody in to take care of them,but what they don't tell you is when you leave they take the money out of your damage deposit.Not very nice.The place also has mice and lot's of rat's.

I lived in this building for a year Sept '09 too Sept '10. Many reports of bed bugs, pigeons, rats, and other pests.
Found many bed bugs over the course of living there.
Serious problem.

Have lived at this location for over a year, and no issues with bedbugs. In fact, haven't had an issue with anything pertaining to the building - soundproof, prompt service, and great management team! I imagine with the high turnover in such a large building that there's bound to be some problems with bugs, but if there have, it's been contained and/or looked after.

Very serious problem!

Oct 2010
Still a problem with bed bugs

I lived in Fenwick from August 2008 - April 2009.

There are many many many bedbugs here. I had my apartment sprayed well over 4 times.

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