5252 Tobin St
Halifax, NS B3H

Found 4 reports:

I have emailed in a dispute but it just bounced back to me. Funny how your site is only one sided. I am one of the managers at this property and the tenant who subbmitted the report that there were bed bugs in October has NEVER reported it to the office. And if I am correct in which tenant wrote this report he is just upset that he was issued over a $2000 ticket by the Halifax Police for refusal to wear a mask in a public space.

Funny how you are quick to post things with no actual facts.

see full report...

Bed bug infested apartment October 2021
Building Manager Jennifer just threatens to call the cops and won’t take responsibility for anything (check the google reviews of the building if you don’t believe me)

Completely infested apartment, in sockets, radiators, wall trim etc. Landlord claimed I brought them when I moved in.

- bedbugs spread throughout floor
- next found alongside wall by socket
- July 2007
- landlord refused responsibility
- less active in winter; more active in warmer weather

No nearby bug reports