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Date: October 2019; Place: Kingsbury Towers

At the end of the summer, my boyfriend and I started noticing some itchy bites. I casually assumed that those were some weird "summer" bug bites.

One day, in October, we noticed a brown, apple-seed-sized bug on the bedhead and once again, we had no clue what it was. Soon after, we started noticing more of them and we took a picture and started researching online.

Unfortunately, the resident manager (RM) confirmed our doubts. Then began a reall

y long and emotionally and physically draining journey to eliminating those pests. We started seeing the bugs on our beds, clothes, walls, doors; it sounds ridiculous, but it felt like they were taking over!

The RM contacted pest control (with whom I think they have a contract). We followed the instructions from the pest control, and they did about 3 visits. We spent a lot of money through laundry, cleaning, throwing furniture, etc. Thankfully, the treatment seemed to slowly be working, but we were really upset about the way the landlord handled the financials. We found out that the landlord charged us for the treatment of our apartment and also for the inspection of 3 neighboring suites without ever telling us anything first.

Obviously, we tried to dispute it (through email communication) because there was no proof that we had brought those pests in. We talked to a lawyer, we looked up our tenancy rights, etc, and concluded that we shouldn't be asked to pay for those. We refused to pay. However, they took advantage of the COVID situation and in a way, tricked us into paying. During COVID, the increase in rent was waived, but for us, the waiver was applied towards the bedbug charges instead of decreasing the rent (over 7 months now). So, in the end, we were forced to pay slowly because, as usual, the landlord is sneaky.

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