95 Highfield Park Dr
Halifax, NS B3A

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I lived in 86 Highfield park about two years ago now, and me my bf at the time and his son where getting these weird bites all the time. it was about four months later we looked up bugs and I happen to see the bed bug and low and be hold that is what it was. We contacted the land lord and they didn't do shit, we had to call a company our self's to come and do the job. Come to find out beamer worked with Highfield apt any ways. after we moved out we got a call from a lady saying we owed them 300

dollars for the carpet because we didn't clean it, when they knew it had to be replaced because we had the bed bugs. Worst part is the guy above us had them and the land lord never sent out notices. terrible they are i say good luck to anyone living in those areas.

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We are currently in the process of throwing everything out that we just bought. I do not trust only having it sprayed. They are only willing to spray one unit when they complain. In my opinion responsible landlords would be letting people know there is an issue in the building and they would also be spraying the entire building to get rid of this issue. There is carpet all over the entire apartment so spraying one unit at a time is not going to correct the issue. Also from reading the stories on

here this has been on ongoing issue in a number of their buildings. They should be made to tell people before moving all of their stuff in that they are having an issue with Bed Bugs and then let them decide if they want to still sign a lease. It seems like they are keeping this a secret so they can continue to rent out dirty infested apartments.

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I had bed bugs in the 76 building. They had it taken care of right away!! What did they say to you??

Wow, that apartment still have issues with bedbugs?
I lived there last year and they had them then.

Do you know if building 96 has them?

The date is now Feb/6/2011.

There is a very bad problem with Bed bugs here and I hope that writing this will help to get the manager off of his ass to do something about it. I can't tell him personally about it because I have heard stories of others who have done that and then the tenant would be blamed for it (if they had a pet)and they would be made to fund this cleaning operation. We have had our animal for over 4 years and not one problem anywhere else we lived. We came here to 95 highfi

led and within one week our kids had lice and could not go back to school. Me and my wife are now being chewed up nightly by these bed bugs and don't know what to do. I am getting so frustrated!

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