7 Jackson Rd
Halifax, NS B3A

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I moved in April 2015 and some time in may my son and I started getting bites and I would occasionally find a bug on the couch. Now I have never seen or even had to deal with bed bugs before so I assumed because I was on the ground floor it was just a bug and the bites we had we thought they were fleas. but after googling I came to learn they were bedbugs. Grrrrrr. I'm so mad. It is now august and I had to throw out my couch but they are back. They sprayed twice in July but I don't believe the s

econd spray actually happened. I say this because when I came home after the first spray I could still smell the chemical and there were still a few wet spots and some things were moved. Nothing after the supposed second spray. I have been told they will spray again and that they are hard to get rid of once you have them. I wish I had of had this info before I moved in.

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well we have them here again for a second time since we have moved here in march 1 2013 and now it is november 14 they r back for the winter again i am at the point that i am getting mad and told them that they r back about 2 weeks ago and they have not done anything to help use at all.......

3 Apartments on the first floor infested with cat fleas I guess and bedbugs. Coming down my curtain from upstairs? I asked to have sprayed. They never did.

I lived in this building a few years ago. I discovered the bed bugs about 6 months into my lease. I gave them over a month to treat the problem but they didn't. I moved out and threw out most of my furniture and books. What I couldn't part with I had fumigated but still had the infestation come back so I threw out everything that wasn't solid wood.

I happened to meet the person who moved into the unit directly after me. They were not warned that there were any problems. When they started expe

riencing the problems themselves, they went to the the landlords who told them that there were never any problems in that building.

There are constantly mattresses outside in the dumpster which should be a warning sign for anyone thinking of renting there. Stay away from this building, it is infested and they will not do anything about it.

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i lived at this residence for a year, and for at least 6-7 months of that was spent fighting transglobe to treat my apartment. The place is badly infested. by the time my lease was finally up, my apartment still had not been treated. At that time the whole 3rd floor had this problem.

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