60 Primrose St
Halifax, NS B3A

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Believe it or not this is the same guy who wrote the previous anonymous report.

I was on the floor in my living room, propped up with a cushion behind my head at the laptop and i look down as i see what seemed to be an ant or another similarly sized creature scurrying across my stomach. it was a bedbug of course....
Oh! and now there is one on my ceiling. It is right next to a hole in the ceiling caused by water damage which the landlord people promised to fix since december

this is actually in dartmouth, not halifax. i reported having bugs in the winter of 2011-2012 and had multiply sprayings. when i contacted the super again to say that they had returned, the guy who was supposed to do the spraying said that my apartment wasnt clean enough to have it done.
i'll give him that, but the reason why it wasnt clean was because the super told me that the sprayer was going to come 2 weeks prior (he didnt show up then), so the apartment, after 2 weeks of him not showing

up, was unprepared. then the sprayer said "you know how i know your apartment is not clean? because that battery that was on the floor was there the last time i was here"
the name of ther company is Br++++r.

when the super saw that i had dishes not washed in the kitchen, what happened? they threatened me with an eviction letter!
the bugs are still here, and ive seen my neighbour with black garbage bags on her balcony so it isnt just me ;)

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