55 Highfield Park Dr
Halifax, NS B3A

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Have ANY of you actually seen bed bugs, or their droppings?
It is not hard to spot them. Until you do, you are just a bunch of hysterical people. Get your facts, and drop of the evidence in the super's unit, then maybe he'll pay attention!

Me and my wife both are getting bitten on a nightly basis. I have these itchy bumps all over me and my wife is actually getting whelts and swelling. We know it's bed bugs or something because it only happens when we sleep. When we moved here, within one week our ids had lice and we had to fight those for months to come and the kids even got sent home from school several times. They wouldn't let them come back. I see there is a BIG problem here with these bed bugs. We apparantly are not the only

ones, which means it's a building problem. Why is the manager of the building not doing anything about this? This is kind of a requirement isn't it? If your tenants are getting chewed up by bugs? I'm not staying here another year.

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The one reason that I am questioning this is that when we have a problem they tell us to call 310 maxx and on more than one occasion 310 maxx has either lost the record or denies that I have requested to have anything fixed. If people have issues call the office. I have to say that they were very understanding about the whole issue and will have your apartment inspected if you want.

If you call and report your bed bug problems, they would do something about it. You cant blame the landlords for not fixing a problem they didnt know you had.

ladies first of all the person who put the notes under our doors is an idoit who is trying to get back at oxford properties for either evicting them or not giving them their damage deposit back. If you tell anyone that their bldg is invested of course the first thing you are going to do would be to get your apt looked at and that cost money. This person must have been the one to leave the first msg on here. If you really want to know if you have bed bugs check your bed. If you have little brown

spots all over your sheets then be concerned. When a bed bug bites they poop (gross I know but its true) and if you are waking up with hives or a rash on your body. Vacuming your mattress often helps as well. Dont let this one person get to you. You will know if you are infested with bed bugs or fleas.

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I recieved a note under my door as well and am very concerned, seems how I have two young children. I will be doing a inspection of my own when I get home today but really wish that I could find out if the issue happened in one of the units around mine. Needless to say that it's only a matter of time until it effects the whole building. The rental office will be recieving a bunch of information from me on how to properly deal with these types of issues.

When I woke up this morning I found a hand written notice under my door warning me about bed bugs and fleas in my apartment building. To say the least I'm very concerend. I have yet to notice any bugs in my apartment but then again I wasn't looking for any. I will be contacting the landlord to have my place inspected but from what I am reading I don't know if I can trust them to tell me the truth if they find anything. I plan on moving out of this area asap! With all the crime and viol

ence, and now bed bugs! It's the last straw!

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thats a lie if you do what your supposed to, to get rid of bed bugs you dont have to get rid of your furniture. you guys are crazy

I live in 55 Highfield park drive. I believe we have bedbugs..The landlord wont do fuck all...I have a 8 month old baby and no money to buy furniture also.They are gonna be sued..

This building is INFESTED and bed bugs are not the only problem too! If you have pets you want to stay away from this building because its also infested the fleas. They only clean out and spray individual units (and even then I question their accuracy and approach) not taking precaution to do surrounding units when you KNOW they have to be infected as well. The company that took over this building does not care and if you move because of it, they'll even try to pin it on you so that you can F

UND their "renovations". Thank God we were in a financial position to not only move out, but buy new furniture ... we had no choice. If I had my way, I would have incinerated our old stuff. Stay away from these buildings (Highfield Park), they're cheap and they lie!!!! Also, if you can afford it, just stay out of the area all together. I hate to say it, but Highfield is a low income area and this seams to be the trend!

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