51 Joseph Young St
Halifax, NS B3A

Found 2 reports:

We recently moved into this location, never having bed bugs before, and after 1 and a half months we noticed one on my fiance's arm during the night. At that time we didn't realize it was a bed bug until the second night where we found the same bug on my computer screen. Currently they are only showing signs of coming out in the living room and have not been found in the bedroom (we have not had any bites since staying out of the living room).

The bedbugs are not only in our apartment on the

third floor but out in the hall too. I found one on the landing on the first floor and one next to the laundry room on the third floor so this building is having a major infestation.

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This building is infested with bedbugs, initially when we contacted management, they laughed at us and thought that we were crazy. We collected some specimens and showed them to them. Every time they send an exterminator, the exterminator spends 5 minutes inside, and the problem gets worse, there is absolutely no follow up, and we have to insist. Besides paying rent, we have had to pay a fortune using their laundry facilities and purchasing insecticides...We have never met such a callous and

incompetent team of employees and I am happy that I will soon leave the property of these slumlords...I also find it amazing that neither the municipal government nor the provincial government seem to care about this issue....and worse of all that the department of Public Health does not consider it an issue....

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