47 Joseph Young St
Halifax, NS B3A

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June 2015 Third floor unit

I Found several bedbugs on the bed skirt of my daughter's bed after she had been complaining of being itchy for a week. I immediately reported it to the superintendent and my unit was sprayed within a couple days. To my knowledge no other units were sprayed.

The instructions provided for clean up are being followed but they lack enough information. No information has been provided as to what substance(s) was used or locations of application. Further research on

cleaning toys, books, dishes, etc is much more difficult without knowing what was sprayed.

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I lived in this building for a year in 2009 on the top floor. Within a month of living and sleeping there I started to receive bites all over my body while asleep and suspected bed bugs. Sure enough I trapped 2 of them in a bottle and told the Super who called in an exterminator for my apartment. Upon a great deal of work on my own, with washing and bagging clothing and washing and vacuuming everything, the exterminator came and went. The surrounding apartments were not cleaned which makes no

sense if you're trying to get rid of this type of problem. But at least they were gone from my own apartment and I moved out within the next 3 months. My friend who still lives there on the second floor is still dealing with the issue and he even refuses to buy a bed and prefers to sleep on an air mattress to ensure these bugs do not crawl inside.

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