45 Elmwood Ave
Halifax, NS B3A

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this place nearly broke up my boyfriend and I due to the incredible stress of bedbugs and the attitude of building management. we abandoned almost everything we owned and surrender our damage deposit just to get the heck out of there, then the manager had the nerve to call and threaten us because she"took photos" of the mess we left behind. Well, we have some photos, too and I bet she wouldn't want anyone to see them. seriously lady, we wouldn't have done that were we not in fear of bringing you

r pests with us. Stay away from 45 Elmwood and it's crazy manager.

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whoever choose to live here you should move before it's to late. I had my place treated for bedbugs several times, lived out of bags and used the dryer nightly for sheets/pillows/clothing anything that was used the day before. I finally gave up when I found out the neighbours units were not being treated and after each treatment in my place was done the bugs came back . I finally threw out all my furniture and moved. Please note while throwing out furniture, other tenants were 'stealing it' out

of the dumpsters and bringing it back in!!!!! The place is a dump. I also ran out of hot water once a week if not more. This place is a slum building , wish I could get that part of my life back .

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I recently have choose to live at this location without knowing the high amount of bedbugs I'm disgusted I work a honest full-time job and I'm trying to better my future I can't believe some of these stories

my daughter lives at this location, she was told to have mandatory tenant insurance from only specific companies , and her unit is infested with bed bugs, as a student struggling this is a severe blow, not only does she have to move but now she must get rid of everything because the insurance does not cover any bed beg damage. The landlord is a rude an spiteful woman, she tried telling my daughter she could not move out because her notice was a day late. They sprayed the unit and only sprayed th

e bedroom not the rest of the unit which has carpet. These people are idiots and not good to rent from unless you don't mind being eaten alive every night by bugs.

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For anyone who lives at this apartment or is thinking about it don't, I lived there 4 years ago and they still have bed bugs. TO ANYONE WHO WANTS OUT. all you need to do is go see your doctor and get a medical note saying you are allergic to bed bugs and you can have your lease voided by the tenancy board. Trust me I delt with that miserable woman before. She can't stop you. It's the law it clearly states "landlords are responsible for bed bugs"

Horrible Horrible... I never had experienced bed bugs before this apartment, and for months was waking up with welts and itchy spots all over my skin, mainly arms and heels. The landlord came in one day and was looking over the bed during a routine inspection, I had not previously known about any infestations, but when asked what she was doing she simply said "looking for bed bugs"
WHAT THE FUCK? Why would proper notice not be given? She then continued to bitch about any tiny little thing she c

ould find, my bed at the time did not have a frame and was sitting on the floor (I had not been made aware of the extreme bedbug situation at this point, so it was completely unwarranted). I gave her the notice of moving out after the third unsuccessful fumigation. I was forced to throw out every piece of furniture and clothes I had as it was that bad. Upon leaving and trying to collect my damage deposit, they claimed they needed to keep it due to damage done to the apartment and due to over-filling the dumpster with my furniture that I SHOULD NOT HAVE HAD TO THROW OUT, or could have protected if I had been made aware that there were MULTIPLE nearby apartments were literally INFESTED with these nasty little things. And then they had the nerve to come after me and threaten to file a small court claims to try and rip me off another lump of money due to other people moving my thrown out furniture that was marked to have been from a bedbug infested apartment.

Fuck this apartment, fuck this company for not doing shit all to their apartment complexes (yes, multiple buildings). The last year I was in this place was a living hell, I could not sleep comfortably due to the constant battle against these bugs that was never ending. It sure as hell doesn't help that the apartment was carpet, and they would not rip it up and put down laminate flooring like all the nearby apartments had.

DO NOT rent from this property, there are nothing but self-centered crooks who want to collect your money without putting in any work into their apartments. Multiple issues that were never fixed during a 3 year time period, including water damage from a neighboring apartment leak.

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I am officially going crazy. My son has been getting bit for about a month now and I have been for about a week. I found some random bed bugs on sticky pads the landlords supplied for the mouse infestation....yeah a mouse infestation as well. I basically have flipped out and I can't sleep and I'm afraid to be in my home. I have gone to extreme measures on my own to stop this issue before it gets too big..(steaming, separating and isolation clothes and then washing and drying everything on hot h

ot hot....NOT IN THE BUILDING...inspecting every crevice and crack and spraying... Placing mattress covers over the beds and placing homeade climb traps under the bed legs )..it doesn't help that the landlords have known and they say Bramear isn't calling them back. I am so stressed and upset about all of this. Between the scratching and knawing of the mice in the walls and them running through my house and these bed bugs....I haven't slept in about 3 days. I sleep with no sheets on my bed (just on the plastic) and with a flashlight and magnifying glass or the room light on...
This is living hell. Its embarrassing and completely financially, physically and psychologically devastating.

I feel like the landlords do not really care....I feel like its an inconvience for them....why isn't this being taken care of asap???? I'm sure a city inspector can find some answers. I can't live like this. :((

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my boyfriend has been living in building b for 6 months has had bed bugs 4 times. constant problems, mona keeps telling him its his fault and all that. hallways laundry rooms infested. im surprised there was no alert for this adress since iv known of 14 cases of bed bugs here iv talked to naighbors. they still have bed bugs.. gave up paying for them to fumigate.

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