36 Primrose St
Halifax, NS B3A

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i moved into an apartment at 36 primrose street in march 2014 and moved out end of October as i had found bed bugs three times and was not informed about it my cupboards didn't close crackheads all yelling outside saying if you give me 10$ ill blow you and mothers day weekend there was four holes stabbed into my wall and fathers day a crackhead tried to steal my laundry and assaulted me. two weeks before Halloween i came home and found blood sprayed on the outside of my apartment wall all down t

he wall by the stairs and all outside on the steps. i wouldn't recommend this place to anyone the landlord is nice but hes hard to get a hold of and hes a drunk. i got several letters saying that i hadn't paid my rent and then finally got a letter saying they were taking me to court. i laughed and said f*** this place it was enough. make sure you guys do your research before renting an apartment because a lot of places in Dartmouth and Halifax are infested with bed bugs and crack whores

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In my report, I meant to say they are not spraying the entire building only the apartments where people are complaining, therefore I feel we are going around in circles.

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I brought the matter to the management immediately and they did take care of it right away. My concern is that they are now spraying the whole building at the same time, therefore I feel we are going around in circles.

This apartment building is infested with bedbugs, the property management team sends in the Pest Management Service to treat only the apartments that are complaining about being bitten, instead of treating the entire building at once, and then refuses to pay the money you are out for washing EVERYTHING because they say it is the responsibility of your insurance (tenant) which by the way does not cover infestation of anything! Do not rent here unless you have a love for bugs crawling on you sucki

ng your blood when you are sleeping.

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