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I first noticed them in my infant's bed in my bedroom and took immediate steps to take care of them as best as I could. It took me a few days to get ahold of the management company because management just changed for the 4th time in the less than 2 years I lived here and the one very last minute notice we received had incorrect contact info, but when I did I had to talk with both the head office in Ontario then locally when I was finally given current info to do so. It took too many phone calls

and emails, and it took them a few days from when they were notified to actually call pest control. Pest control eventually came exactly 2 weeks after I discovered the bugs and sprayed then told me they would be back in 2-3 weeks. Problem was they didn't bother scheduling it, requiring me to hound them again. They finally came 3 1/2 weeks after the first spray, but not before I started seeing the problem again because they came from the neighbouring apartment, and the neighbours stupidly threw things out (including boxspring and mattress) without bagging/wrapping things. I thought things were taken care of this time after asking to have the building hallways sprayed as well, but only the front was done even though I stated I'd seen more coming through the back door where the bedrooms are. Well, 3 weeks later and they are back with a vengeance, multiplying in my 10-year-old's room where I told pest control last time I'd been seeing them migrate. Go figure. Spraying is obviously not doing the trick, and the management company is being too casual about the whole deal. They even got mad when I put signs on the front and back doors in an attempt to warn my neighbours that bed bugs were in the building. They said is was a "privacy issue" but weren't clear on who it was supposed to protect. They aren't even spraying apartments unless there is a complaint, meaning the bed bugs are simply migrating back and forth without anything to stop them and aren't being handled until discovered. The worst part is that people in the building aren't even allowed to know they are in the building until it is too late, so they won't even have the knowledge to look for them. I honestly don't know what else to do at this point and have yet to see this resolved in a manner that actually works.

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