275 Windmill Rd
Halifax, NS B3A

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Bad news. Place is not livable. 1 year here and discovered all i needed to Know.Basement Apt. mould everywhere. High power bill in winter due to paying for heat.bugs everyday. Potato bugs usually dead in some corner. spider webs appear in different areas.Place infested with micro Pharaoh ants.These little buggers were first noticed crawling over some fast food on my table.Then into other food packaged in cupboard.(how do they get into a candy bar or cherry blossom?bought lots of rubbermaid conta

iners. they will crawl up between stove and counters and you can watch them creeping around on countertop,stoves,on the floor and in bathtub.they grew to infestation level once I was in.climbing up your arms and pant legs.biting you or tickling you all the time.in your hair.in the furniture.the next door apt was vacant when I moved in and is still vacant 1 year later. there are an occasional mice sneaking around. Maintenance dude is good only to snowblow the pathways in winter. anything else is a DIYS. faulty fridge ,freezer will not freeze.you have to defrost it once a week. oven stopped working. no offers to fix these when mentioned.plumbing messed. occassionally water will backwash in the sink with foam and discolored material. so if your dishes are there they get sloshed.toilet and bathroom nightmare. bathtub orange with iron stains.will never bath.mail is regularly stolen from mailbox.parking is general but shitty. too many cars but too close together. door ding land.they wont paint reflective markings and then complain your taking 2 spaces. you cant see anything at night. Management is very rude. If your on time with the rent they will give you a Tims card,but if your late they will threaten you beyond war.the campaign started with me just refusing to pay and looking for an early release.Try and get a decent job with this location on your resume,forget it. with ants crawling between your ass cheeks, I would stay out of this place.

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I just moved into 271 Windmill Rd and the smell of mold is very noticeable at first I thought it was just me but when I purchased some damp tramps they filled up very quickly. The water also stinks imagine getting out of the shower and doing your laundry and having a stagnant smell on you. I would not recommend this place to anyone I am looking for a place now and I will be skipping out on this place. They are nice at first then after a few months they show their true colors. There are prostitut

es living in the building. The property manager says she is cleaning up the place up however I haven't seen it yet. They rarely clean the buildings. Once you come into the building you can smell the foul odor from the carpets/mold. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE TO ANYONE.

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I have lived in 271 windmill rd for two and a half years. the halls reek of drugs, I had to plenty of my own work in my unit as they would not have the work done even when work orders were submitted. they charge high rent. I t is unfortunate that the owner mario Morrison has little or no respect for his tenants. they always want their rent but when a tenant needs something it never gets done. It seems like the tenancy board only works for the landlord not the tenant. the owner wonders why people

dont want to pay their rent who wants to pay rent when nothing is done in the buildings 271 and 275 are mold infested. when people move out of units they cover the wall with the paint to hide the mold.and a month later the mold is back. the buildings should be shut down. especially when you have a whole bottom section closed down due to flooding. and the hallway reeks of a strong mold smell. no one can say the mold is not spreading. It is about time people start complaining and come forward with the nightmares of 271 and 275 Windmill Rd so these owners can not make a profit off the hardworking people.

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my family and I have lived in 271 Windmill rd for 4 years and have ahated every year more then the last. Mold is a big BIG issue especially in the winter and maintenance personal are useless and prefer to blame the mold on us not have our electric heaters on high enough. mice are another problem ive killed several in my out unit. the owner cares little for complaints and my husband and I end up doing 90% of the work our selves and what work is done by the building is substandard and we end up re

fixing it.
not all but alot of the other people living here are just bad. lots of drug the halls always reek of weed prostitutes always go to the lower parking lot and condoms litter the ground. its not uncommon to see police cars out front. people leave garbage on their patios for weeks or in the back of the building simply throw the bags over their balcony and leave them. laundry facilities are always breaking down and when it rains the lower levels flood no one lives on the bottom floor below us as the units are molded out and the windows have been smashed. patio doors in many units are so old that they dont seal properly. the winter that just passed after a big storm it took 3 days before they got the road to the top or windmill road plowed as it is considered a private driveway and not plowed by the city. by hsband ended up gathering a bunch of people to go out and hand shovel the street by hand and took 5 hours to get it done. this is a bad building and im happy this year is our last. some one puked in our hallway 2 weekends ago and its still out there even though ive heard the cleaning lady go down the hall vaccuming she always leaves the puke. fleas have been a reaccuring issue even though we have no pets. we havent gotten bedbugs but i know others who have. ants are a huge problem more so then is normal. in the summer swarms of ants come in to the units i have pictures of litterally hundreds of ants pouring out of the window sill in my childrens room covering their beds and walls and this happens every year we found out this is because when they replaced the window a few years ago they didnt put any foam insulation inside so if you take off the window frames you can see the outer brick walls and when it rained it would leak in causing more mold. its not uncommon to hear fist fights and screaming matches and ive had to call the cops several times when ive heard fights get out of hand i would strongly recommend you avoid this building as well as 271 windmill rd. which has the same owner. building managers come and go and ive seen several after they've quit who say they did so due to the poor conditions and lack of commitment of the owner Mario who lives out of province and doesnt seem to want to spend any money needed to fix these building. this place is slum and if you have a family please take my advice as a mom and dont bring your kids here my eldest has had several respitory infections due to the mold and the building does nothing despite numerous maintenance request which are never responded to or if they are it takes months long enough that you forgot you even wrote a request or have fixed te issue yourself.

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No bedbugs in my unit ... however talked to the super who quit confimed bedbugs are widespread in 271 Windmill, and in a few units in 275, Landlord refuses to pay contractors, Conractors including breamar pest control refuse to do any work since they have not been paid since new owners have taken over, rent money seems to be dissapearing at the hands on Tonya Ball, Also black mold covering attic of 275 Windmill Building 4 since the dryers have been venting into the attic for over a year, Fire in

spectors are going to be called to investigate.

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The owner of this property was Trans Globe now it is owned by a company controlled by Mario Morrison and Tonya Ball. There is a serious bed bug problem that the landlord is ignoring.

They are extremely negligent landlords, they will rent to anyone that is willing to pay their high rents. Around $700.00 per month plus heat, laundry costs, electric, internet, cable, and telephone. You could buy or rent a beautiful detached house for that kind of money.

The 275 Windmill Road Buildings (aroun

d 100 units) have "all electric systems", electric heat, electric hot water tanks, that are over 25 years old and they are run down and consume a lot of energy $$$. There are broken mail box's, nasty stains on hallway rugs, damage to doors, walls and ceilings, coin operated clothes machines and clothes dryers are expensive and do not do a proper job, the dryers leave your clothes wet after you have paid. Most tenants now hang their clothes up to dry since they have been ripped off once to often.

Word to the wise you would be better off some wheres else!

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Tenant moved in during March 2010.
Was bitten several times, never had a problem after receiving far too many strange bites researched the problem in May 2010 and realized that it was a bed bug infestation. Apartment was sprayed during June 2010. Problem has come back again during September 2010. Tenant has thrown away 2 mattresses and all non essential house hold items. December 2010 - Feb 2011 tenant is still receiving bed bud bites and is now taking the landlord to Government complaints auth

ority for failing to treat the problem. Tenant now plans to throw away all items and move out asap pending landlord and tenant legal proceedings.

Tenant was told be several neighbors at the complex of several apartment buildings here at Windmill Road that they also have a problem with fleas and bed bugs.

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