271 Windmill Rd
Halifax, NS B3A

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271 wind mill rd is a disgusting hole. the place is full of black mold and ants. if you do not have your food in plastic containers it will be infested. The management .. Or lack of is pathetic at best. The woman in the office is full of herself and the maintenance man is far beyond creepy , I would describe him as a drunk, Mr Lahey from the trailer park boys is what comes to mind.He also has a reputation of texting pictures of his junk to women in the building and knocking on doors to bum smok

es. A real class act. the lower parking lot is full of dopers needles and used condoms and from time to time you will find crack whores in the halls shooting up, and charging there phones. I would not recommend this place to my worse enemy. My one year there was one of my worse years ever. No snow removal. missed many days of work. As far as bed bugs... They must be there cause the 1 dumpster they have is always full of beds and furniture that look fine.

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I've Been living at this apartment building for six months and can say I have not seen one bed bug or ounce of mold .. I love it here owners are friendly .. handy man who works around the building is pretty creepy that is all ...

We lived there 1 1/2 years and it was awful!! On top of everything else there were millions of pharaoh ants so what wasn't in tubs was lost and furniture was full of them, no heat in the hallway and the halls smelled so bad that you hated to have anyone visit. Black mold so bad that if your clothes fell on the closet floor the mold ate holes in it. When I asked about the ants it was told to me that the apt next door, which was vacant for a year, was never cleaned and full of cat food and shit. T

here were 7 apts empty on our section and the water flooded so bad during rain storms that it was nuts. Emergency lights in the hall didn't work when the fire alarm sounded so god forbid there would have been a fire at night! New windows were black mold inside and smelled awful no matter what you did.AVOID! AVOID! AVOID this place. If you complain they just tell you to get out, the owner of the building is an ass!I waited the whole time I was there to get a tap fixed and a bathroom fan fixed, neither was done. Please look elsewhere, pay a bit more to have a place that is fit to live in!!!!! If there try to tell you this was years ago, as they did with us, don't believe them, we just moved out 2015!!!!!!! Also this is from someone that paid rent on time every month and this is how we were treated,lol,it's just a dump hole!

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P.S.And by the way, when you don't live in an apt it's impossible to be evicted.Also I counted at least 6 empty apt,s when we were there .GOSH people who live there must be independently wealthy to be able to throw away almost brand new furniture, for no reason at all.As a matter of fact someone was moving out the day we got there, ( by the way you must not mean blackmail , the word is blacklist.)
( They mean two different things)
Also to let you know I put this on

so that no one else would have to go through a horrible experience the way our friends did,

P.P.S. As of today I will not be responding to anymore notes.
As I have more important things to do.

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Whoever say;s that there are no bed bugs at 271 windmill road must have moved in after it had been fumeagated if it was,because I can tell you all without a doubt that the apt we visited was full of bed bugs( very discusting)We all saw them with our own eyes.
The incident was so traumatic for the tenant, that she ended up in the hospital. To say their were no bedbugs, YOU are ethier blind, stupid or you are working for the company.

The date we were there was between Mar7th and Mar 15th

I live at 271 windmill road , and havent seen any bedbugs whatsoever. a new person owns these ( no longer transglobe) Im sure if there was bedbugs id see them and have bites. I also have a dog and a cat and they would bite them too and havent . so that person is an idiot why make a report when you dont even live there..... there is NO BEDBUGS at this location thank you

wow,I just read that I was appaled.I've been living at 271 windmill road for almost 2 years now and I've never seen one bed bug.I know at least 10 people that live in these 2 buildings and I never heard about that.Also,they get rid of mattresses when people get kicked out for not paying!
How could you say,the place is infected and downright disgusting when you never lived here and stayed at a hotel for a week. I don t know if you're mad at the landlord because she kicked you out,but don t black

mail the place!

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The apts at 271 Windmill Rd. are polluted with bedbugs, it is down right disgusting, and nothing is being done about this awful situation. People are having to throw out their furniture, we went to visit but had to stay in a hotel. I could not believe the perfectly good beds and couches that had to be thrown out amongst other things, some of these things look quite new. I must say these people are not rich, and I feel that the owners of this building should reimburse the tenants for the emotiona

l and physical trauma that they have been put through and also for the loss of their furniture and whatever else these people have lost in this horrific nightmare.

We were in Nova Scotia between March the 8th and 15 of this year.2011

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