103 Pinecrest Dr
Halifax, NS B3A

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A month ago, July 2010 while waiting for the bus to take me to work in the morning I have noticed mattresses piled at the curb outside this address waiting to be picked up by garbage collectors with hundreds of bed bugs crawling all around the sides of the mattress. They are so stained with bed bug droppings, blood and who knows what else that it looks like a really bad case of mold until you look a bit closer and discover it is not mold at all but bed bugs, eggs etc. I take a walk down the str

eet and find it amazing how many people are suddenly throwing away their beds. It seems that outside every apartment building there is at least one or more beds waiting for pickup. I feel really bad for these collectors that have to deal with this and possibly unknowingly taking them home with them on their clothes etc.

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