Gaston Rd
Halifax, NS B2Y

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I live at 60A Gaston Road unit #25. They superintendant lived across the hall from me and he had bed bugs. He brought them here from Brunswick Towers in Halifax. Due to his unprofessionalism, (unable to get along with any tenants), the owner moved him down to the basement apartment. he had 8 cats at the time. the owner didn't care about this fact (pee you!!) neway, i digress, they moved 2 women roomates into his old place and they had all new furniture. withing 2 weeks 1 gal was bit head t

o toe. he knew he had them and nobody sprayed or told anyone about it. these 2 women had brand new queen size matresses and a complete living room set of loungers - all in the garbage bin. unfortunately, the lease states the owner is only responsible for half of the spraying required and furniture replacments - but isn't that based on if he is honest - he knew they were there and knowingly he just vacummed and showed the place. so unfair to renters how would we ever know this? then, when she confirmed she had them she got worried when she knew i had children so she posted a sign on her door "warning bed bugs". the superintendant ripped it down and told her shut your mouth about that it is private. 3 notes later all ripped down the girl is bit from head to toe, all her new furniture in the garbage and she is regretting ever renting from Accord Realty 60A and B gaston road in dartmouth nova scotia again! and so am I

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