Esdaile Ave
Halifax, NS B2Y

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Beware of Dartmouth highfield apartments as well. The infestation of bed bugs are horrble here. Me and my wife are both being attacked nightly.

Hi I currently live in a building on Esdaile Avenue in Dartmouth and for the past three weeks now me and my girlfriend has been waking up with bite marks all over us. The bites seem to be in sections of three dots. We have seen little bugs here and there on the bed and around other parts of the apartment and sometimes in the hall way too. We were thinking that maybe they could be bed bugs and we called and contacted Killam properties about it but they never wanted to listen to us and they said t

hat there buildings are bed bug free but what are these little bugs that are crawling around then and biting me and my girlfriend every night while we sleep.

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