10 Lawrence St
Halifax, NS B2Y

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I use to live in this building(moved out 2008) on the 3rd floor and bedbugs were there then! I had them. Two other tenants had them as well. NEITHER one lived near my apartment.
The supers tried to deny other tenants had them,and said they never had complaints before me, but one lady showed me one that she had caught. She lived on the 1st floor at the opposite end of the building.

Pest control sprayed after the infestation in April, then again one week later. When I complained to the management compny that the water temperature was too low to effectively kill them in the laundry, they turned the heat up and left the temperature high. I didn't see any bed bugs after that (and I check daily) until last night.

I found four of them in my apartment near the entrance last night. There were another four when I got up in the middle of the night. I laid double sided carpet tap

e under the door and there was another stuck to it this morning. My apartment will be sprayed again this week, but I don't know which apartment they are coming from and the supers don't seem concerned.

The final tally - overnight and this morning I spotted 9 of which 8 were killed (one got away).

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April 7/09 - The supers informed me that an apartment on the 4th floor was infested and that the apartments next to and below the one infested would be sprayed by pest control as a precaution (one of them is mine). I looked on-line to find out more info and, once I knew where to look, found them in my apartment too. Another neighbour complained to other tenants a month ago about bugs biting her. Now I'm wondering if she has had them all this time too.

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