437 Prince St
Truro, NS B2N

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I would like to update you on the bed bug issue that was reported on 437 Prince Street, Truro, Nova Scotia.

This unfortunate situation was brought to our attention by a guest. The guest claims are accurate and we have followed up with the guest to confirm the steps we have taken to resolve the problem. Immediately after the reported incident, we took the guestroom, as well as the rooms adjacent to, directly below and above off market. We then called a professional company to come and assess t

he area. The next day, a trained K-9 dog confirmed there were bedbugs in the guestroom. The bugs were contained to one guestroom and no other rooms were affected. The room was treated and remained off market for one week. The guestroom has since been re-evaluated and it has been confirmed the treatment was 100% successful.

Please note this is a province wide problem. Due to the nature of our transient business, the hospitality industry is very vulnerable to this type of attack. Bedbugs are often referred to as ‘hitchhikers’ as they are carried in by people. Bedbugs are not an indicator of cleanliness and as they are a nocturnal parasite, making them difficult to detect in the daylight. All dwellings are at risk to a bed bug attack.

We are very grateful to our customer for bringing this to our attention. We take bed bugs very seriously and we are proactive to our respond to the life safety of our guests.

This is a very unfortunate isolated incident and we are confident the situation has been resolved.

Susan Scharpegge, General Manager

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We stayed for 3 days- Room 330:
On the first morning, I noticed I had been bitten by somehting and thought it may be some mosquitoes in the room. My partner also had a couple of bites. On the day upon return from touring some tourist attractions, I noticed that I had some bites on my face and shoulders, but again, thought it may be mosquitoes. When we returned late that night, after touring some great places around Nova Scotia, I decided to give the bed a check because I am a seasoned travell

er and know to be mindfull of bed gritters. I opened the sheets and covers and discovered 2 bugs and one climbing up from the bed skirt. With our digital camera, we photographed them as they tried to looked for shelter from the light. We did some research on the computer to confirm our worst fear and then I called the front desk (it was now 2 a.m.). I insisted they come and changed the sheets, pillow cases, and mattress pad. The front desk offered to change us room...at 2 a.m. in the morning...We were leaving anyhow, the next day. They said they were unaware of any bugs but promptly send a service person to change the linine. The next morning the front desk attendant was very apologetic and offered us a free breakfast and deducted one night off of the bill. We paid our bill and left without having anything to eat - I was mortified at this point and wanted to get away for fear of bringing this home with us. Thank goodness I never use the drawers or put any of my belongings on hotels furniture or beding" We proceeded to return home (a 14 hour drive)- When we arrived home we immediately put everything through the wash, steam cleaned our suitcases, basically went through the entire house and our belongings to make sure we had not returned with any bugs. Approx. 48 hours after the initial bites - I had a major flare up: I woke up scratching like I needed to tear off my skin...I couldn't belive my eyes when I saw my shoulders, arms, face and torso....I was covered in swells!!! I went to the doctors and as soon as he saw me, he confirmed that I had been attacked by bed bugs and that I was having a major bad allergic reaction. He explained that some people don't even notice the bites, but others like me have major reactions. My partner is fine, but I reacted in a big way to the bites. I have now been at home for 5 days, missing work because I cannot return to work until this has cleared up and will likely take about another 3 more days for all visible marks to go away. The doctor prescribed me some cortizone lotion and allergy pills which was a god-sent to stop me from scratching my skin raw. I am starting to heal now; it is a slow process. I have taken pictures of my skin and we have pictures of the bugs. One more thing, when we left the hotel, we delivered a sample of the bug to the attendant, in an envelop. I don't want to travel anywhere anymore - this has been a very scary ordeal. This was a fairly luxurious and new hotel - the best through out our entire trip. It is unfortunate for the hotel, but I as the client am the one left with the problem and you all know the stigma about bed-bugs...I am a total germaphobic and very clean and orderly person - I can't believe this happened and oh!!! the pain of itchy skin...I cannot tell you what this has done to me and I have the ijjy-biggies and it feels like my skin has hitch-memory. What an nightmarish ordeal! It is unfortunate for the hotel because it was a very nice place, the food was outstanding and service was super friendly but regardless, we cannot keep this quiet - We have a responsibility to report.

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