1 Market St
Somersworth, NH 03878-2753

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There ARE bed bugs at 1 Market Street, Somersworth New Hampshire, Queensbury Mills Apartments, and they were discovered on the fourth floor. The exterminator came on Wednesday, August 13th, 2008, but this was AFTER the tenant that was infested, dragged much of his furniture through the building and disposed of it in the common trash room which is off the common community room. He took this furniture down on the only elevator in the building. The Housing Authority knew about this infestation a

week before the exterminator came AND no-one was notified. A tenant overheard the infested person talking about it to another tenant. The infested person had also used the common laundry room on his floor and again, NO OTHER tenant was notified.
The Housing Authority just ended up putting this tenant's furniture out on the side of the building??

For now The Housing Authority is "appearing" to do damage control by telling the tenants that bed bugs are easily confined. They only treated one neighbor that lives right next door to the infested tenant because SHE insisted! They had NO intentions of treating one other person!

I think it is important that this is documented and I have a strong suspicion that due to the facts in this situation, the bed bugs were certainly spread throughout this building. This building is an old renovated Mill Building with many cracks and crevices.
Thank you.

The Housing Authority has chosen NOT to treat the whole building and the tenants ARE very upset with this decision.

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