8 Harrison St
Manchester, NH 03104-3590

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This is my first apartment. I was so excited when I found this place. It was everything I was looking for. We have only been living there for 10 days, and the landlord came to us & told us that the woman down the hall form us had bed bugs & her apartment was infested. Now we have to rip apart our apartment & do all the laundry, put a plastic cover over our mattress for a year + When we told the land lord that we were moving out he turned it around and said that we must have brought them in?!? He

said that there was no way that they spead that fast. Well I'm sorry but they can if the apartment down the hall has been infested for 9 months! I spoke to another tenant who said she has gone to him multiple times and he has not done anything about it. He even threatened to evict her because she has gone to him repeatedly about the problem. DO NOT MOVE INTO THAT APARTMENT BUILDING. It is infested & it is probably so bad at this point that they will never be able to get rid of the bed bugs.

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Nov 2010. Infestation. Found when I snooped around after finding one on my couch. This was the only time I actually saw one. Other tenants have spoken up about seeing them more then I had. Bed was worse. Bites all over my back. Didn't realize how bad it was until after infestation occurred. Dumpster just outside of building has furniture in and around it all the time. Landlord says its from people dumping. 2 pieces of furniture "dumped" in 2 days both had bed bugs.

I have been bitten many times and was going to spray around my apartment thinking it was fleas. When I lifted my mattress to take all bedding off I saw them. Another time I saw one on my pillow.

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