3911 Brown Ave
Manchester, NH 03103-7034

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I rented an apartment (Apt #39) at this address: 3911 Old Brown Ave., Manchester NH 03103. It is very close to the Manchester airport (MHT).

I took possession of this apartment on Aug. 10 2009 and moved in with my belongings. I experienced bug bites on the very first night I stayed there. Initially, I mistook them for mosquitoes since it was summer at its peak. It got worse on the second night, I got bitten all over my body and the bumps on my skin were unmistakable. Then I spoke to a neighbo

r and she showed me her arms, back and legs with bite marks and some of them were bleeding. She said that she wasn't getting any help from the landlord after reporting the problem; in fact, they wanted her to catch a couple of bugs as evidence of infestation!

Talking to other tenants at this community, I found out that all of the apartment buildings at this apartment community have the same problem.

I spent only 2 nights at the apartment and spent the 3rd night at a nearby motel. I organized the movers and moved out of there the subsequent week. Fortunately, I had not given up my old apartment and I simply ended up moving back in.

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