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I live in an apartment complex. There have been bugs here for at least a year now. Not just in my apartment, but in others too. Quite frequently we will see brand new as well as old mattresses, box springs, desks, chairs, recliners, etc in the dumpster area of the parking lot which leads me to believe that they might also be in the other five buildings that make up the entire complex. We have had an exterminator that the building management had hired here twice, but our problem still exists. We

have tried everything from the Fossil Shell Flour to the smelly spray you can mix at home. Nothing has worked.
The first time the exterminator was here we bagged up all our clothing, washed and dried it all in hot water/hot driers. We moved all our furniture away from the walls, stood up the only bed in the house, all the furniture that was cloth like or soft in some way was turned over and readied for spraying. However, he did not spray an entire room (my room), any closets or half the furniture that was turned over. Not to mention he did not spray every seam of the carpets in the apartment or in corners. No one even thought to check the plates for outlets and light switches. That is something I learned while doing some research on how to keep them out.
The second time he sprayed, again he did not spray all the furniture, skipped the same room (which at the time seemed to be free of bbs as I sleep on the floor, but is now infested along the carpet seams), and skipped the carpet seams again. I feel that he either used an inferior pesticide or his simple lack of attention to detail combined with the fact that the whole building must be treated is the cause for all our discomfort. I know that there is no possible way to 100% relieve our apartment of these things, but can't there be something I can do, or the rest of my fellow residents, to bring the management company to its senses and help out the people who make their paychecks? I know that others in the building have them. I don't know how to get people to be honest and not be embarrassed enough to actually tell anyone else that they have the same problem? Now that I have found them in my room, my dad has admitted to being bitten at least three times in the last week and my mom found the last little bugger who bit him I've decided to take matters into my own hands. I would like to have the rest of the residents who have this problem to help back me up. I will be tearing the apartment apart, inspecting everywhere there is to inspect to see how bad our problem is within our four walls. This is such a discouraging problem especially when the management would like to keep it a secret and tell its residents that they've never had this problem before. I know it's bull and so do they. Any advice I could get on how to include my neighbors would be GREATLY appreciated! Thank you for this awesome site!

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