301 N Quincy Ave
Kansas City, MO 64123

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I moved into this property 4/01/2020. I had nothing but our clothing. We was starting over. I bought everything new. In the end of april i seen the first one. I reported it to my landlord. When i did my initial walkthrough in march i had a list of things i asked about the apartment. Bedbugs was one of them. When i looked at the place the people who had lived there prior still had a lot of their things there. I asked why they moved out. The on site manager said unknown they had only been there

2 weeks and then one day did not come back. The manager told me there had been a bedbug issue years ago but nothing in a long time. When I brought this issue up with the ladlord, he said we will get right on that. In june they bought some foggers and did that. Only that. I have photo evidence. Im in a lease contract if i break my lease they can take me to court for thousands of dollars. I have a lawyer and their lawyer told mine if she tries to contact the landlord or the lawyers office she will be brought up on harassment charges. She had only been reaching out 2x a week for 3 weeks.
The landlord told me its not their responsibility to deal with any pest issues that may or may not come into the property.
I later found out the people who lived here before me had told the landlord they was going to press charges as they found out its been going on for a while and the landlord supposedly paid them off. This was told to me by another tenant who was friends with the past tenants of this apartment.

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