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The below report was in mid 2008 or 2009.

While we ourselves did not have bedbugs, the neighbours with whom we shared a wall at the time did. We noticed that every time we went to the bathroom we could hear someone in their suite taking a shower (the bathrooms also shared a wall). No matter what time of day or how many times during the day, someone was almost always in the shower.

We were living in the B building, suite 315. and one day received a note under our door stating that our apartment would be sprayed for bedbugs. When we as

ked why, we were told that the next apartment over (suite 314) had reported bed bugs and that they were taking precautions. The landlord seemed surprised that we did not have them also, but when the exterminator came, he told us that the ONLY reason we ourselves didn't get them was due to the air conditioner we'd bought. Because we had dropped the temperature in our bedroom to 16 degrees during the summer, the bedbugs, who do not like the cold, avoided us.

They sprayed and did their thing anyway, and it seemed that everything was taken care of. We now knew why our neighbours were always showering and did not hear the same phenomenon from our new neighbours. We moved out a few months later for other reasons.

We did notice that they changed the carpets in that entire suite in the period between tenants. I am unsure if this is related or not.

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