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I moved last November, yes the building needs some upgrades etc, but each suite is being renovated as tenants move out, since the tenants destroy their suites.
Over all,upgrades are being done, the caretaker was left a disaster in the office, and was still catching up on work requests when he came to fix a plumbing issue. Prompt and courteous.
Poulins has waged war on the pests in this building, and there is zero tolerance for repeat offenders who just won't clean up for the spraying.Looking f

orward to seeing more changes!

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i was live in this build,at 2010 june until September at one bed room on five floor, i with my boy friend been bit all the summer. later, we move to second floor, from sept to dec. that a two bedroom, we was been bit all the body. so, we tell to the manger and SR( the companion), they told to us, they have no idea to bedbug. finally, we both move out at dec, 2010.

I live on third floor and I found bed bugs in Oct. 2008. I cleaned as much as i could. I sprayed all over the place. It disappears and suddenly comes at night. I checked each and very crack in the bed room. I dont understand from where is comes. Every midnight I wake up and check. I find one or two.

On the 4th floor, as well as the 7th there were bedbugs around October of 2007. The infestation was not bad in my apartment on the 4th floor.

But I was very concerned because the caretakers were not informing any of my neighbors. I had heard from a friend that also lived in the building a few months down the road that an apartment on the 7th floor was also infested.

It was dealt with after a few days of letting our caretakers know. They are very good people but they should try to be more

proactive in regards to reinfestations. I had called the Residential Tenancies but they had told me to keep quiet- otherwise I would be slandering.

Bedbugs are terrible- I still check my bed every other night.

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