915 Corydon Ave
Winnipeg, MB R3M

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I live in A and theres none here . I pace this place looking for things to clean when I'm bored and no signs of any . Ever . .. Might say some super sketchy people going into D . Not residents ..

I never had any problems at all. My husband is a neat freak so we would never live here if there were bugs. The buildings are old though, and need an upgrade perhaps...lol.

I have lived there for many years (I am a bacholor )& I try to be tidy. I have never encountered a problem at my building at all. I know a lot of people well from other buildings and they have never complained and have been there for years. I have lived in A and the d places.Don't believe everything you read, especially on the net!!Anyone can write on this site, so keep that in mind.

Just curious about any cases in the A building. It seems there was one case last year in a suite in the D building?

I might be moving into that building. It seems the only problems occured in building d. Were there problems in any of the other buildings??

The problem seems to be only with building d. Did anyone have problems in any of the other buildings?

In 2007 I had bedbugs in d6 got them from someone above me, my daughter had bites all over her body, I found the bugs hiding EVERYWHERE in my bedroom, and my matress was infested, they sprayed probably 5 times, I had 2 different exterminator companies come, but I didn't care, I threw EVERYTHING I owned in the garbage and moved out! Bedbugs RUINED my life!

i lived in 4D, it was a basement suite and i had so many mice i coulndt keep them out! i tried every kind of trap and they had the exterminator in 3 times but he coulnt do anything because he said that the part of the building i was living in had a crawlspace under it and that the agency would have to extreminate under there...which they wouldnt do. to make matters worse, the 2 floors above my apartment had bed bugs that kept comming back and i was affraid they would move down into my place. i f

innaly convinced them to move me to another building but it took a lot of work.

see full report...

I liked living here but I never got the sense it was a clean place. Plus my laundry got stolen (WTF?!?). I got out in December 2009.

I'm thinking of moving to a basement unit..any problems there?

It was a 1-bedroom on the second floor of the western most building that lies perpendicular to the road.

i might be moving into that building, do you know what area or suite it was that was infested?? gross!!

I use to live here in 2006 and the guy above me had them. They had to spray all rooms above, below and beside when they sprayed him. They sprayed 4 times. Then I had bites that showed up on my hands.. the doctor said it was a bug bite but he can't tell which kind .. he suggested bed bugs. Ended up I did not have them but got the eff out of there.

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