99 Roslyn Rd
Winnipeg, MB R3L

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i just wanted to let you know that when the second person complaining for 99 roslyn rd got bed bugs the suite across the hall and beside him and above him all got done at the same time. I know because i caretake the building

Continued. Since October 2010 with second spray and vacuuming daily for 2 weeks the bugs appear to have been dealt with. I now vacuum once every two weeks and have been without bugs for ten months.

I had 2 rounds of bed bugs. Didnt see any bite marks but noticed them running around my suite. Called caretaker but they only sprayed my suite and didnt consider spraying any others. Couple weeks later the problem returned, bought powder, took my bed apart, scrubbed it down in the bath tub and tossed out my sofa...seemed to have solved the problem that way. In october 2010 found a bed bug (baby) in the bathroom and an adult near the doorway so suspected they were crawling around the floor boa

rds. Sent out letters to all other people in the building to check their suites and do something about the problem that was likely all over the building by now. Building C likely has bed bugs since the owners dont seem to take the problem that seriously.

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October, 2010. Bedbugs present in building C. Fogged and came back. Foggged second time. There are two apartments on the main floor I am aware have had bed bugs in the past.

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