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We moved in on December 1, 2012 and about a week and a half later my boys were getting bite marks but waited to see if they got more because one of my sons thought it was from the soap from doing dishes. I thought it was the new laundry soap. Finally December 17 I decided to call the Pillar Property Management and let them know my boys were getting bed bug bites. They told me they sprayed before we moved in. I said "well you should have told me or I wouldn't have moved in" they said that it take

s 8 weeks for the treatment to work and that I'm suppose to vacuum everyday for it to be effective. But they didn't inform me at all until I found out and called it in to them. So, 17 days later they tell me it's important that I vacumm everyday thoroughly in order for the bed bug treatment to work.

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I got an apartment here in September 2010, and the day I was supposed to move in (the day I TOLD the caretakers I would be moving in) I got a call at about 8 in the morning that the apt. next to mine had bedbugs and would be fumigated sometime that week, and they suggested I "put off moving in for a couple of days" so they could also treat my suite and the suite on the other side of the infested one. Had I known beforehand that this was a problem in the building, I would never have considered m

oving in. Luckily I got out of my lease and threw out anything I had unfortunately moved in the day before.

I was told this was an "occasional problem" when I asked if they had had bugs before. (Hadn't yet found this site). Needless to say, I have a hard time believing they were only informed of the neighbour's bugs the morning they called me, and I can't help feeling like they tried to screw me over by waiting until the last second to tell me.

Anyway I would recommend NOT moving into this building as this is an obviously an ongoing problem. My would-be apartment was on the 5th floor.

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I moved into my suite three months ago and started getting random bug bites immediately. I didn't suspect bed bugs right away since I couldn't find bugs anywhere. The bites were getting worse and more frequent so I had family members and eventually the caretakers come investigate my place. No one could find anything and I had to continue living with the bites. One night, while checking for bugs, I found little babies and one adult bug. I notified my caretakers in the morning and had the place fu

mmigated later that week. I am a neat freak and although vacuuming and laundering my bedding on a regular basis resulted in less bites, it also made it harder to find the bugs. I found out that there had been an infestation on another floor three months before I had moved in. The problem may have been taken care of for now but the idea of it recurring makes my skin crawl.

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About a month ago I'd been getting horrible red welts all over, I figured I was allergic to something because it was occurring frequently. My live in boyfriend had no symptoms. After a while I got fed up, I was itching like mad. I went to see a doctor who told me they were bed bugs bites, I did research about them after and I was sure I had them. I called my landlord who informed me my floor had an infestation, why she hasn't told me sooner and done something about it I'm not sure. I thought it

was mandatory to do an entire extermination of the building when this occurs. The pest control came today to confirm it. I plan to move out, I'm fed up. They are coming on Tuesday and me and my two cats have no where to go. I'm stressed out and don't want to sit on any furniture so I've been pacing around my apartment all day.

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