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Sightings first started late 2009, I'd called in a professional pest company (on my own dime) to check and confirm what I found was a bedbug and check my home. It was confirmed however no other bugs were found in my entire home. I had notified my land lord by this point. I began to find them in my hallway of my apartment very randomly, different sizes and different times. I got sprayed twice two weeks apart.

Few weeks later I find another bedbug in my hallway, alert my landlord and I am spray

ed again. Few weeks after that I find one roaming around my living room. As of yet I had found NO bug in my bedroom or bed. It was after finding this one that I was informed the person below me had them and was also being sprayed. And the person above me will be done as a precaution. We (the three apartments) are all sprayed three times, two weeks apart.

No activity until a few weeks ago when I find one in my bathroom, my kitchen and TAADAA one in my bed!

I'm sure another round of spraying will start. We shall see what happens.

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