260 Nassau St N
Winnipeg, MB R3L

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505 Munroe Ave.

7 floors are being treated for the past 3 years once a month. 2 suites have bugs, the rest are precautionary.

I'm always hyper vigilant. Yet they came into my place. Reported it and yet they tell me 2 to 3 months before they can treat the problem. Took it upon my self to do what I could. Bed bug sheet on my bed. Wash AND DRY ALL LINEN AND CLOTHES FOR A VERY LONG TIME DAILY. have been lucky
In no part to mb. Authority.

Bed bugs in apt. 903 - August 2010.

360 Cumberland Ave

I live on the 20th floor at 360 Cumberland ave.
I have been sprayed before (almost a year ago as I found a dead one in my kitchen cupboard)
I had never had once since and routinely check.
This morning my cat was staring at the the carpet and not willing to move away... low and behold i saw the bedbug and put it in a ziplock bag for my caretaker. Hopefully I will get sprayed right away

Housing is sort of trying to deal with this issue but the problem is still ongoing.

I've taken care of them in my suite but I know someone close to me has them, as I am sprayed once a month.

Once a month, every month, for months on end. I have been sprayed over 15 times now.

They use these sticky traps as monitors for bedbugs that are obviously meant for cockroaches, as they smell of vanilla and are flexible cardboard, so bedbugs can just crawl right under them. Bedbugs are not attracte

d to vanilla, they are attracted to carbon dioxide and various pheromones.

Housing tells us they are serious about this issue. There are now bedbug monitors/traps that actually use carbon dioxide and combinations of pheromones to trap them. I would think if they are serious that they would use them.

Housing refuses to seal up the baseboards, as they say they ran a "pilot project" at 185 Smith and the baseboard sealing didn't get rid of them. Of course it won't get rid of them by itself, it's just one of the measures that help reduce them! I did it myself in my suite with clear silicone, after dusting extensively with diatomaceous earth in the cracks and on the outside of the baseboards, as well as my bed, couch and computer chair. My bed has an enclosure on it and I have white sheets to be able to spot anything if it ever happened to be there. I have isolated my bed from the wall, with sticky tape on the legs to keep the bugs from crawling up.

They blew their entire budget for a year on this intense evacuation, spraying and steaming of tenants' suites. This also did not work. Gassing would have taken care of it, but they chose this instead. The bugs were back right away.

Housing recently switched from using private companies as exterminators to their own internal pest control (IPMG). I have not been sprayed six times now, despite attempting to comply with their instructions. You receive a list of instructions with each notice for spraying, which I have complied with. Housing also has other requirements that are not on that list, which I have also complied with. Each time I have packed up my place and they have not sprayed, I have called them and spoken to them about what I need to be doing for this to happen and each time, they come up with new things for me to comply with that are not on the instruction sheet, which I comply with promptly. They have sent me two warning letters, reminding me of my responsibility to comply. Three warning letters and eviction proceedings will commence.

I have done everything I can as a tenant and a very well-informed bedbug victim to make sure that I am not part of the problem. I encourage their efforts and wish that they would rotate pesticides to avoid resistance and spray affected suites every two weeks, to catch the bedbug lifecycles promptly. I wish they would use the effective bedbug monitors so that they have a more accurate sense of who is infested and who is not.

Living in Manitoba Housing in this building is beyond a nightmare. It was a nightmare with the bugs and now is intolerable. I cannot afford to leave, I am a student and can't afford anything else for at least the next few years. They are essentially threatening to evict me, despite doing whatever I can to help.

If anyone is considering this building, please. Find a roommate, live with family, do whatever you can to stay the hell out of Housing. I have a neighbour who tells me that he's been sprayed so much he just lives out of bins now. I also live out of bins, otherwise I would be packing up my suite as if I were preparing to move, once a month.

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123 Sutherland Ave-big green very old apartment building- the whole building is infected with bed buggs, Marlon the manager will charge you for the spraying ($25.00), No security and building overun with druggies, drunks and crazy people. ONsite caretaker (Ronald) is perpetually drunk and is totally useless in all situations

August 5th, 2008
260 Nassau Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba

I'm a health care aide i have a client that lives at 260 Nassau Street, i first noticed she had a bed bug on her pillow, we put the bug in a small glass jar and closed the lid, i went back to check the bed for more, i didn't find more, but i found the casing, i guess it was shedding and i found the casing. My client has called manitoba housing to have somebody come down and spary the apartment and that has been 2 weeks ago and nobody ha

s come to inspect or spary her apartment. What is going on with this Manitoba Housing do they not care, it's not their house, so they don't have to worry about this problem, it is easly sweeped under the rug. Yes the people that live in Manitoba Housing are poor or have low income, but they are people and they have rights too. I'm a writing a letter to Manitoba Housing, Health Department, and other various place to raise awareness on this situation, and hopefully i can help with this cause, this should not be happening. I'm only a health care aide that takes care of my client, and washing sheets and blankets, clothing, because of bed bugs, is not my job!! Something has to be done about this situation and fast.

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Apartment 702

Moved in just a little over a week ago, started seeing bedbugs in the bathroom almost immediately after. Knew that the building had an infestation but was informed that this suite was clear. Seen an average of 2-3 per day, most in the bathroom, some on my couch which is on the opposite side of the suite. Been bitten on my back and leg while sitting on the couch, during the day time. None on the bed, but it was isolated from the day I moved in anyway.

Dusted the whole apartmen

t, including crevices, exposed pipes leading into the wall, light switches, furniture, baseboards and my bed. Informed the management and am waiting for a treatment date.

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