240 Stradbrook Ave
Winnipeg, MB R3L

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I also found a ton of them in my bedroom mid December. Threw out my mattress/box spring. Turfed an old couch & chair, they were junk anyways. They've treated the suite twice, mid and late December. Now it's mid January, and I've found 2 live ones. I'm guessing the next batch is coming around. Landlord very vague, can't get some report from pesticide guy, manager keeps giving excuses. When they treated suite I was given no info as to moving stuff etc. Or that I shouldn't enter suite 4 hou

rs after a treatment. Made my new bed an island. Doesn't touch walls or anything. Never have anything hanging down from bed onto carpet. Don't put anything on it. Traps underneath the legs. No sign of them around or near bed.....yet.

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There is bed bug all over my bed ,washroom and everywhere and they claim they dont have bed bugs.

I found bedbugs in my apartment. They claim they don't have but yet I found them all over my bed head and seeing them on the Kitchen floor and in the coat closet.This morning I found a bug in my coat closet.

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