21 Mayfair Pl
Winnipeg, MB R3L

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I literally just moved into my suite this month, and I found bedbugs!!! I'm absoultely horrified, I talked to some of the other tenants, and they're saying this isn't anything new.

Unsure of which suite has bedbugs, but my suite is being fumigated because of its proximity. Unfortunate, but at least Towers is taking it seriously. Floor 4 or 5 most likely.

Another case of bed bugs: This one on the west half of the building on the 7th floor, reseulting in extermination of surrounding apartments. A huge inconvenience and expense.

Judging from the number of dwellings listed on this site, it seems that bed bugs are pretty epidemic in rental units in Winnipeg.

In February 2010, my apartment was sprayed for bedbugs because the people in the apartment beneath me, #402, had bedbugs. The agency had to spray apartments on 3 floors to make sure they didn't spread.

A severe case of bedbugs was found in suite 604. I know this because we live in an adjacent apartment and we were informed because we have to have our suite sprayed as a preventative measure. According to our caretaker, the case was so advanced that bugs were running around on the floor. The inspector confirmed that the bugs had been around for at least a month, probably more.

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