166 River Ave
Winnipeg, MB R3L

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Hi there,

I feel I should note (and that it should be reported) that the report I submitted June 1, 2015 for this address (apartment on 2nd floor) has been resolved! The pest control got rid of the problem on the 2nd spray and there has been no problems since. The apartment and building has been clear for over a month now with no reports of bed bugs or problems (having spoken directly to caretaker and pest control company)!
I am still living there and happy now that this is not an issue - t


Thanks for your site.

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I moved into an apartment on the 2nd floor of this building - never having bed bugs or any problem of the sort ever in my life! Almost all of my furniture is brand new. The apartment I took over was dirty and unorganized by previous tenants (upon viewing) but was clean upon move in. Within 1 week of living there I had bed bug bites all over my body. I contacted the caretaker saying I thought it was bed bugs but had an appointment with my Dr. right away who confirmed it is. They got on it and had

pest control come a week later to spray, though they thought it was clear. 2 weeks later they came back to check and found the problem was way worse. They said they lay 5 eggs per day! Do the math of two weeks x who knows how many bugs! They are coming back to spray again and say they will need to spray again in another 10 days. I am having to live elsewhere as I had to box up everything and move all furniture away from walls. It is not livable. There is another apartment in the building with the same issue. I never thought to check the bedbug registry!! I am in a horrible position and may need to force to get out of my lease and move. But what to do with brand new furniture and my belongings?! I don't want to take this problem with me anywhere!

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I moved in to this building in September 2010. The management company was very upfront about bed bugs being in a few units and offered to let me out of signing the lease. They also told me that my suite had been sprayed 3 times as a precaution. Sticky traps were also placed around the apartment.

Thus far, no bites! If this changes I will post.

I came from a building with bed bugs where the caretakers just didn't care. It is very refreshing to have a company actually care to treat the apa

rtments properly.

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Since midsummer 2010, there have been 2 known infestations on the 3rd floor of this complex. The first tenant to have the infestation informed me that she had been infested two years prior and with it happening a second time she and her family moved out.

The 2nd infestation the tenant is still in the unit, however has to replace all of his furniture.

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