3505 Portage Ave
Winnipeg, MB R3K

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Tuesday, February 7th- I came home to find a notice under my door. It was saying that my apartment building was infested with Bed Bugs. This explained why I had hundreds of bites all over my body. I had figured it was a rash or reaction of some sort but then when I moved my bed MILLIONS of small bed bugs were crawling around. I was disgusted! My bed is now garbage as well as my child's bed, and my sofa not to mention the extent I had to go to, to clean all my fabrics, clothes, child's toys

and many other personal belongings. I was given 48 hours to essentially nearly move out of my apartment, which meant I was required to take the day off of work. The apartment owners refuse to replace any of my belongings that were ruined, pay me for the work that was missed, and for the hotel room that was needed for a week now because there are still bugs crawling around even after the extermination. This is an awful building run by awful people. This apartment building will in fact have a bed bug problem for a long time because they are only exterminating areas of the building which will not solve the bed bug issue. Take caution before signing a lease with this awful place!

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we had bed bugs on the second floor thats the only floor they did and im afraid they will come back, my apartment didnt have them but im scared it will... shouldnt the spray all floors and hallways etc

3505 portage ave

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