22 Strauss Dr
Winnipeg, MB R3J

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Wow! I lived in town house till 1998! Never then BUT they are everywhere in housing now!

If you can't afford a decent apartment BASICALLY THE MB GOVT leaves the disabled the poor the vulnerable in EORSE CONDITIONS!

Sam Managed places same shit!

WestBroadway Houding managed by SAM same crap! These are subsidized ... For ppl who make minimum wage! Or can't work! Or disabled! Getting eaten alive by bed bugs!

Fucking Govt! Make them live there!

Roads double tax for middle class

housing programs for indigenous AND NO ONE Else!

Good luck all! Middle class don't even reSluze the double bracket tax laid since the war to find the war! The war is over MB govt! Raise taxes some more !

But Manitobans r stupid! They pay n lay n pay keep sticking Ur head in the sand when u too r homeless u will see & that's when it's too late for you all!

see full report...

I work for BUILD. We specifically went in and fixed up both the town hones and the apartment building on more than one occasion. Both types of units we have to wear tyvec suits and booties because of the overwhelming infestation of bed bugs in both types of units. The fact that these are not listed on the registry is preposterous.

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