290 Beverley St
Winnipeg, MB R3G

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All these posts are outdated as they are from over four years ago!

Since 2011 the apartment block has been bought out and over a million dollars of renovations have taken place and the building has been converted to condos.

I have owned my unit for over a year-and-a-half with no bed bug issues.

I started noticing red marks simmilar to a mosquito bite all over my neck, arms and hands on march 1st. having moved in a few months prior to this i thought nothing of it and attepted to ignore the problem. BIG MISATKE. over the next few weeks i started seeing small appleseed sized bugs sleeping in my bed with me! i took a quick look on the net and realized it was bedbugs. management is currently dealing with the problem and I will report back to inform of the progress.

03/29/2011 Follow up: my daughter noticed one of the sores on his side the Friday before he went to this address. Thank goodness! Hopefully this means the landlord has been successful in eradicating the bed bugs from this property.

The doctor was not able to conclusively say wether it was bed bug bites or not. Her suggestion was to wait until they heal and then the next time he is there, if he comes home with the same thing we know what they are. So, time will tell.

My step-son's mother recently moved into this apartment. After many assurances that the landlord had taken care of the bed bug problem in this building, his father decided to let him stay overnight. He has come home covered in bites! His mother says she and her other son have shown no signs of bites, but it seems odd that he went there with nothing on his skin and came home with red bites everywhere.We will be taking him to the doctor tomorrow to confirm what the red marks are.
I do

n't think people realize how extremely difficult it is to rid buildings of these pests.

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I moved in here September as the availability of apartments was slim and nil...I moved in Sept 5 on the 3rd floor. Suddenly noticed beds appearing in the bedrooms. I actually thought it might have been from the storage place that I stored my things in for 6 days. But one of the tenants in this building is a pest control guy and said the bugs came from a new tenant on the 3rd floor. I lived in a nice apartment and was forced to move into a less nice place and was now dealing with bed bugs..and wh

en the winter months came, mice appeared in the kitchen and bathroom, AND bedrooms...about 5 or 6! ..anyway, back to the bed bugs, I purchased $350 in mattress covers from Poulin's but am still going to throw out my mattresses and couches when I move out very soon. like the entry before me, RUN FAST FROM THIS PLACE. The bugs are still around even though it's less often. I wouldn't let my family or friends move in here let's just put it that way. Happy to be moving.

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I lived there for just under 2 years starting in 2008 and moved out in late 2009. The lady that lived on the same floor me was infestead. The property owner at the time had to take her to court to finally get her to move out. they sprayed my place as well as her and a couple if other but that did not take care of the problem. They sold the property and the new owner didn't do anything to fix the problem. We lived for 3 months with posion and the lights on 24hrs. I ended up calling the health boa

rd but had to move before they could come. I had lost eveything, my bed, couches and clothing. I suggest that you run very fast from this place.

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