85 Garry St
Winnipeg, MB R3C

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two more reports of bed bug evidence in rooms and or bitten residents. management sends in fumigators but is not taking any responsibility for the fact that there is clearly a major problem in this building. you are on your own and they will infer that you are to blame.

there are bedbugs in a suite at fort garry place. when this happened, three weeks ago, management informed the tenant it had been taken care of, that the suite was fumigated, but it wasn't at all. they've had bedbugs there before.

22 Floor - 3 Units infected.
I moved in April 2010. Since the move in date I discovered bite marks on my body. I went to a doctor and after 3 different blood tests, he couldn't explain it and told me it was caused by stress. (Pfft What a joke!)
I stopped getting bites around June but I found a bug on my couch, put it in a container and brought it to the caretaker. They said it was a woodtick.
In July I found one more on my couch and a week later, found a couple on my cloth headboard. I took t

hese back to the caretaker who confirmed they were bedbugs.
Since then the caretaker had Poulins Exterminators come in 3 times to do a spraying. Apparently they are treating a group of 9 suites as a preventative measure. 3 above, 3 below, myself and my two neighbors.
I purchased a Dyson vacuum cleaner. After much research, it was the only vacuum cleaner that didn't have a filter I had to wash after every daily vacuum - which would take 3-4 days to dry. The Dyson was expensive but it works the best and the bugs are guaranteed dead when they enter the cyclone. I sure hope this was a good investment.
It's been 2 weeks and I've left my furniture in the middle of the room in my bedroom and livingroom so that it is less work if the exterminators have to return and less work for my daily vacuuming.
The caretaker has told me there are two other suites far down the hall from me who had bed bugs before me.
Living out of garbage bags in my kitchen and having to vacuum my baseboards, couches, mattress and headboard every day is hell on earth and I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy.
If these bugs return over the next 2 weeks. I'm outta here.

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