72 Donald St
Winnipeg, MB R3C

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I would suggest that no one move here! We have had a problem three times now and there has been no relief in sight. They are coming from neighboring apartments and no one is doing anything about it which is causing us such a headache and emotional/psychological trauma. So bad in fact that we are making sure everything is cleaned and dried AGAIN!And moving out!
I have never experienced this before and we don't even go anywhere. Only work. And NO ONE comes over. So that can only leave one possib

le explanation!!

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I live in this building and I am happy with how Erin , the landlord, encountered this problem. She was honest about it and sent out a letter to inform tenants. Then she sprayed immediately. I believe the problem was eradicated quickly. Shen then sent an inspector to other suites to see if any other areas had been infested. Bed bugs are a real problem around the world. Please do some research and you will find that there are bedbugs everywhere and you can take steps to prevent yourself from gett

ing bedbugs. I think if a landlord acts with indifference to a bedbug infestation you should be afraid of living in that building. However, my landlord did not. She was honest and took steps to keep this building clean. This and this alone, has allowed me to sleep sound at night. Thank you.

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Bed bugs on 4th floor.

about a year and a half ago my friend found a bug in her apt, she didnt know what kind it was tho so she just brushed it off, never said anything to management. about 1-2 weeks later her whole suite was infested. none of the management had warned her that there was an infestation n her floor. she lived on the 14th floor in one of the end apartments. she's not a very rich person, had to work hard for all her things and eventually had to throw out all her furniture, even a $2000 memory foam mattre

ss that it took 2 years to pay off!

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