645 Westminster Ave
Winnipeg, MB R3C

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I have been living here for 2 years now April 2009 and my fiance and I have never gotten a single bed bug bite(or our two cats) I have spoke with many neighboring tenants as well and no one has complained. It is now January 2012 and we are still happy so no worries if you do decide to move in.

Further to my previous post (anonymous) the property company, caretaker and extermination company were extremely fast-acting and thourough in their practices here. We called a (different) extermination company to learn what we should accept as appropriate response from the property owners and were impressed with the rapid and full response. However, tenants in neighbouring suites did not comply with fumigation preparations and were therefore not treated. My understanding is that this is their

right and the property company cannot force them to comply. The cooperation of the parties involved was impressive and we will stay, barring future infestations, and increasing our preventative measures seeing as our neighbours were not fumigated. Not exactly ideal but I feel the property company has done everything possible to rectify this situation.

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Just started getting bedbugs here two nights ago. Moved in May 1st and were told the place was fumigated. I guess they did the individual suite but not the building so the bugs came back. Otherwise we've been very happy here! This is a little heartbreaking! We will continue pursuing options of getting rid of them.

Because the managers of this building refuse to take the actions necessary to permanently ridding the suites of the bugs, some of the tenants are forced to break their leases and move out (my boyfriend included). Let's just hope that he doesn't bring them along with him to my apartment.

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